Andy Payne


Tuesday 12th August 2014

Today meet Andy Payne  

Technical Consultant HYDRAQUIP Group

Before joining the industry in 2008, I worked as a Manager at 3 Mobile in Maidstone for 8 years. Whilst working here I gained extensive knowledge of sales and customer service, progressing within the company over the time I spent there. As a Manager I was responsible for the staff within the Maidstone store, ensuring they reached their targets and the store was generating sales whilst providing an excellent service to customers. Unfortunately, some of 3 Mobile’s smaller stores were closed so I began looking for my next opportunity.

It wasn’t long before I received a phone call from a local recruitment company who told me that Pipe Solutions were looking for a Sales Executive at their branch in Strood, Kent. I happily accepted and was responsible for sales and customer growth in the largest area of the UK – London and the South East. I was involved in some exciting projects whilst working at Pipe Solutions including designing and supplying hose assemblies for major landmark buildings and skyscrapers in London. I would contact the buyers and purchasing departments for these companies, as well as liaising with engineers to ensure the correct products were manufactured and met the customer’s specifications. I was able to assist with high value orders from a London based company who were working on a local power station, plus multiple £100K orders from a variety of customers within the area. I worked alongside the technical field sales engineer, he would go out on site and create the designs and specifications for the upcoming projects which we enjoyed. I loved being part of the full process from design to installation and received great job satisfaction knowing that I had been a part of the build of such a famous building.

After 7 years with Pipe Solutions I felt that it was time for a change and a new challenge so I joined Fercell Engineering Ltd in Aylesford on a friend’s recommendation. I worked in their sales team working with ducting and pipework which was new to me, so an interesting change, I also often went onto site too installing the ducting and piping for different customers which I enjoyed as my days were more varied.

2 years later I saw a job vacancy for Hydraquip’s Braided Hose Division in Rochester who have been a supplier of Pipe Solutions for a number of years. The confidence I had in my sales experience and knowing the products that Hydraquip supply encouraged me to apply for the position of Technical Support. I had an interview with the Commercial Director, Geoff Kelley who offered me the job. I began working at Hydraquip in March 2017 and my main job role involved contacting existing and new merchants whilst opening new accounts for the business. 200 new merchant branches were opened and are now regularly spending with Hydraquip’s Braided Hose Division as well as an increase in spend from existing customers. This has really helped to increase the awareness of the company. Now as a Technical Consultant I am responsible for maintaining our customer base, opening large accounts and working on larger, more complex technical jobs than I ever have before. When customers approach Hydraquip with their specification, from drawings and photos I am able to provide a detailed solution which meets and exceeds their requirements, ensuring that no details are overlooked and all technical aspects are considered. I recently worked on a project for a 7 storey building where £12,000 worth of hoses were purchased. The engineer contacted me with his requirements and we manufactured ½” and ¾” insulated EPDM rubber hose assemblies for chilled and heating applications, which were completed with tectite end fittings and class O insulation. In the future I would like to progress within my role to visit sites and see customers face to face whilst continuing to provide technical support for large scale projects across the UK and overseas.


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